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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Most people are under the impression that carpeting is the least expensive type of floor covering. This is not the case. Did you know that all the major carpet manufacturers require regular steam or hot water extraction before they will honor their warranties? Regular cleaning removes damaging grit that causes wear. This 'grit' is mostly sand, and it is the main contributor to high traffic wear, which is the leading cause for replacement.

Serenity Floor Care has taken the guess work out of carpet cleaning for our customers. We only use the safest and most effective cleaning agents to thoroughly clean your carpeted flooring. We combine these safe pre-treating agents with our special "Steam Rinse Method" (The newest form of hot water extraction), to insure you have a completely clean and residue free carpet after cleaning. We also use commercial drying equipment to speed the drying process. Don't worry about our technicians showing up at your home with outdated or inferior cleaning equipment. All of our new and high powered truck mount equipment comes from the leading truck mount carpet cleaning manufacturers. We believe these, and our attention to detail will give you the best cleaning experience for you and your family. Call or request a free quote online, and we will make an appointment for one of our highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians to visit your home and take care of you only Serenity Floor Care can. Serenity stands behind all of our work and we guarantee your satisfaction. Call to become a valued member of our family. Satisfaction guaranteed!


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Try our Fast Dry Technology for your carpet Today! Call: 713.853.9399

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