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The #1 Local Pet Odor and Stain Removal in Houston, TX

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The Best Pet Odor and Stain Removal in Houston You Can Trust

Serenity Floor Care also offers pet stain removal. We are pet lovers ourselves and we know how important our furry friends are. What we also know is that pets can leave behind something no one likes: pet stains. When ridding your home of the smell and stains associated with pets, Serenity Floor Care will approach these from a scientific standpoint.

Carpet stain and odor removal
Pet odor and stain removal services

Believe it or not, feces and vomit are not the biggest offenders. The most troublesome issue is pet urine.  Pet urine comes out of the body sterile and mildly acidic but once it hits the carpet bacteria begins to feed upon it producing ammonia (the lingering odor) and it is converted into an alkaline stain just like a soap spot.

No wonder most over the counter spot cleaners don’t work on urine stains! Most over the counter spot cleaners are soaps just like ammonia or they rely on live enzymes, which are often dead by the time they hit the store shelf, to breakdown the stain.

Professional Houston Pet Odor and Stain Removal 

Here at Serenity Floor Care we have searched the cleaning industry to find a product that will effectively neutralize the ammonia and remove any yellowing that is not permanent. However, we found none. So, Serenity Floor Care worked with chemical engineers to develop a product that could deliver the best results and solve the odor issue. Success!

What we helped to develop involves a two step process using safe peroxides that are capable of neutralizing the odor produced by urine or ammonia.

First, our pre treatment alone neutralizes the problem all on its own 90% of the time.

Second, our post treatment is for the other 10%. This involves an application of an odor encapsulator after the extraction.

Our multi-step pet treatment is safe and effective for both you and your pets.