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The #1 Local Upholstery Cleaning in Katy, TX | 5-Star Rated

Get a fresher and cleaner home starting at $149 for 800 sq.ft. – only from Serenity Floor Care, your premium Upholstery Cleaning expert in Katy, TX. Book today!

When you choose Serenity Floor Care for your upholstery cleaning in Katy, rest assured you are in good hands.

Trained Experts

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25 Years of Quality Service

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The Best Upholstery Cleaner in Katy, TX That You Can Trust

Serenity Floor Care continues to lead the industry in effective and safe upholstered furniture cleaning. Types of furniture we clean include:

  • sectional sofas
  • regular sofas
  • chairs
  • dining chairs
  • recliners
  • ottomans

And it doesn’t stop there. We can also dry clean drapery at your home-without the aggravation of waiting on delivery back to your home or multiple appointments. If you’re ready to get a free quote for upholstery cleaning in Katy give us a call today!

Serenity Floor Care Upholstery cleaning results
Upholstery cleaning by Serenity Floor Care

Consider this: if you placed a garment on your counter and didn’t move it for six months, wouldn’t you clean it before you put it on? Of course, you would! It would probably be covered in a thick layer of dust. Most people don’t realize that their fabric upholstered furniture is just that-fabric that is exposed to pollutants, dust, and dander 24/7!

Our Top Rated Upholstery Cleaning Process in Katy, TX

With our extreme attention to detail, we assess every piece of furniture according to fabric type and determine the best and safest way to get them cleaned, freshened up and looking great again.

Our process includes verification of fabric type to ensure it is cleaned safely and most effectively. Next, we will perform a pre-vacuum (if needed) along with using special tools to remove as much pet hair as possible (if needed). The cleaning method is determined by the fabric type and soiling level.

You can rest assured that Serenity Floor Care will clean every area of the furniture, including the back and sides to ensure a thorough cleaning. We address each spot or stain with specific spotters designed to get the best results.

At Serenity Floor Care, we realize how important it is for your furniture to stay wet for too long. With the aid of our high powered equipment and industrial strength drying fans, our expert technicians go the extra mile to ensure the fabric is as dry as possible before they leave. On average the dry time is 2 – 4 hours.

After your furniture is cleaned and looking great again, we also offer a safe and effective fabric sealant to keep your upholstery looking cleaner longer and protect from staining. Our special sealant is safe on all types of fabric, including silk.