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The #1 Local Wood Floor Cleaning in Spring, TX | 5-Star Rated

Get a fresher and cleaner home starting at $149 for 800 sq.ft.- only from Serenity Floor Care, your premium Wood Floor Cleaning expert in Spring, TX. Book today!

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The Best Wood Floor Cleaning You Can Trust in Spring – Over 900 Reviews!

Did your wood floors use to have more shine and luster? Have you noticed a slight haze appearing on the top layer that makes them look older and dirtier than they are? Serenity Floor Care can help! We can bring your wood floors back to life with our hardwood steam rinse method.

Serenity Floor Care Wood floor cleaning results
Hardwood floor cleaning

Our Professional Wood Floor Cleaning Process

Step 1:

Our process involves taking the time to evaluate your floors before we begin. We will determine what type of flooring you have as well as the type of cleaning products that have been used previously. Once we determine that, we can create a custom cleaning solution unique to your floors needs.

Step 2:

Our technicians will then do a pre-vacuum to remove any dry soil. Next, we will apply a pre-spray that helps break down any oils or residues. We will do a walk through several times throughout the process to find all hard to reach areas. Any areas we find that our equipment won’t reach, we will clean by hand.

Step 3:

Lastly, we use a steam rinse. The steam rinse ensures maximum soil removal and sanitation

Our process is non-toxic, produces no dust or mess, dries quickly and will leave your floors looking and feeling great!

As with carpet and tile, we see customers who are dealing with months or sometimes years of over the counter product build-up. These products trick you into thinking your floors are clean and protected when what they are really doing is sealing in and grounding in the grit.

Sand and other elements known as grit, are the main contributors of wear and tear on all your flooring, making it the leading cause for floor replacement. Regular cleaning of high traffic areas removes this damaging grit and can add years of life to your wood floors.